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This colorful deck of mood-flipping, smile-inducing, senses-sharpening cards contains 51 original sayings to brighten any day. Feeling down?… Stressed?… Out of sorts? Pick a card, any card.

In the Land of Positive Thinking…
…The sweet smell of success is right under your nose. 
…Plan C is even better than Plan B.
…Opportunity knocks, then rings the bell. 

There are 51 cards in all, with three colorful designs. The magnetic frame and stand-up display let you keep favorites at-a-glance. Switch ’em up, shuffle 'em, share ‘em. 

$12.50/deck. Free shipping on 2 or more.

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Face it—we all love stuff, especially when it’s not just fun but also useful. With that in mind, we present three Positivity Kits, each packed in a TOTE-ly awesome canvas bag—along with a deck of LPT cards and displays.

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Brevity Meets Levity: the LPT Minifesto

We live in complicated times. Everyone is wired now, for better and worse, searching anytime for anything, checking GPS at every turn, replacing conversation with constant e-chatter. It’s enough to drive anyone antsy… even angsty.

+  —
There will always be pluses and minuses; ups and downs; do or do not. Which way do you tilt? is the real question. Which way do you go?

You can always choose positive; make the plus greater than the minus.
+  >  —

There is something else you can always do: A smile can flip the switch from down to up, off to on. Jeers can become cheers, nays go yay! 

Welcome to the Land of Positive Thinking, a place of mind for people who like to think and laugh. Brevity is the key to levity, short is the new sweet, pithy is powerful.

Where is the Land of Positive Thinking? Through the evolving door. Around the next corner. Over every mountain. In the palm of your hand, wherever you are, whenever you go.

The Land of Positive Thinking is a destination without borders; population: unlimited. Keep thinking. Keep laughing. You’re there!


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My name is Tish. In early 2021, mid-pandemic, after ten-plus years in wine media, I lost my job—only two months shy of my 60th birthday. But rather than wallow, I pivoted — reaching back to my roots in poetry, comedy and psychology. Having written “In the Land of Positive Thinking…” sayings for years, I picked the best, developed the graphics from a doodle, and am charting a positive new course.